Canadian Swiss Dream Circus has nothing to do with the original Swiss Dream Circus

Swiss Dream Circus was founded in 2000 by Marco Baumgartner & Andre Broger. After a secound edition in 2005, the project was put on ice for a long time.


In 2014, Swiss Dream Circus was opened again by Marco Baumgartner and his business partner Ismail Stork with support of Andre Broger. For the first time Swiss Dream Circus performed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


In 2017, Swiss Dream Circus was asked by Thomas Wehrli from Canada to bring their show to Ontario. Thomas Wehrli has been runing the Ayr Circus Farm in Ontario for years. For our guest performace in Canada, the circus name Canadian Swiss Dream Circus was launched.


The cooperation ended in accordance with the contract at the end of September 2017. Unfortunatetly Thomas Wehrli  uses the similar name for further productions.


I hereby want anticipate a confusion because Canadian Swiss Dream Circus has absolutely nothing to do with the original Swiss Dream Circus.